Pirates of the Prime Ribbean
BBQ, Steak and Chili
Cook-off Team

Who are the Pirates of the Primeribbean?

We are an award winning  competition BBQ, Chili and Steak cookoff team and we pride ourselves on true, Texas flavors. We smoke our brisket, ribs and chicken with Oak and Pecan woods and you'll find no beans in our Chili! Our steaks are grilled to perfection over Mesquite and Apple woods for a distinctive taste that can't be found anywhere else.

We also crank up the cookers for Shrimp and Sausage or Crawfish boils with true Cajun seasonings and red potatoes, corn, garlic and onions.

We are members of the "Steak Cookoff Association" (SCA), Kansas City Barbeque Society" (KCBS) and the "Lone Star Barbeque Society"" (LSBS) and compete all over the state of Texas so, please follow us on Facebook and see when were coming to a town near you.

 We invite you to come out to the cookoffs and hang out with us and sample what is truly some of the finest BBQ you'll ever eat!



Todd H. McCommas

Head Cook 





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